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Information highways need skilled road builders

ForeLan Network Service Inc. installs quality network cabling that meets, or exceeds industry standards. Clients can be confident that their network systems are efficient and trouble free. We have built our reputation on providing complete and fault-free cabling systems with long term integrity. The right products and tooling are used to ensure dependable and precise connection throughout the enterprise-wide network. Testing is standard, and all work is guaranteed for a minimum of one year against defects in workmanship, and, if the unthinkable ever happens, immediate attention is given to any problem that does occur.

We fit just right

ForeLan is a dynamic company that is big enough to tackle any size project with proficiency, but small enough to be flexible and responsive in any situation. We can tailor an installation to fit your requirements, while keeping the project cost-effective. And we can cost out a job any way our clients require: per job, per line installed, or based on time and material. We guarantee that the price given for any installation is for a complete and fault-free solution.

Here today, and tomorrow

Our goal is to develop long-term customer relationships and provide quality products and services. Our commitment to servicing our customers is our priority. And now, we are one of the few Canadian companies that can offer 15 year warranty, by request, through Panduit Corporation, an international company based in the U.S., on any installation. Panduit is a recognized industry leader in providing high quality products and services in network cabling.