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ForeLan has been in the network cabling business since 1987 and is committed to network cabling systems now and into the future.

My name is Dennis Farrugia, General Manager and owner. Besides my 10 years with ForeLan, I have 3 years experience with Digital Equipment Corporation, as a network cabling technician for the Network Services Group. Since then I have built the company around the expertise of two other dedicated and experienced professionals.

Glenn Kirwin, Installation Supervisor
Glenn has been with Forelan for 10 years. He has extensive fibre optic experience, and is a Panduit Certified installer.

Gerry Schroer, Installation Supervisor
Gerry, also a Panduit Certified installer, has 6 years LAN install experience, and had worked for Bell Canada for 14 years.

Keeping a high standard involves keeping pace with technology. Learning is an ongoing process at ForeLan Network Service. Installers are continually retrained as new and emerging technologies and procedures become commonplace.

Please feel free to contact me at your convenience with any questions you may have. ForeLan will always be ready to handle your organization's unique network cabling demands.

Dennis Farrugia
General Manager