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What our clients say about us

"We called ForeLan in to handle a large-scale project with a very tight schedule. They responded to the task, completing each facility on time with a quality installation and excellent service. Their great job made our teams' installation much easier."

Chris Chapman
A.G. Simpson Co. Ltd.

"We have asked ForeLan to take on many projects over the years. Their quality of work and professionalism is first rate and we will continue to use their expertise."

Valdis Martinsons
Director of I.T.
ATI Technologies

Our Clients


  • ATI Technologies
  • HTS Engineering
  • Spar Aerospace


  • Ministry of Comm and Social
  • Ministry of Labour
  • Ministry of Natural Resources


  • Arthurs-Jones-Clarke
  • Photra
  • Sugravo
  • 3 in a box

Health Care

  • Chatham Kent Health Alliance
  • Grandview Children's Centre
  • North York Branson Hospital
  • North York General Hospital


  • Kostyniuk and Abagado
  • Law offices of Hugh McLean
  • Herlihey-Newsome-Natale


  • AEP/Borden
  • A.G. Simpson Co. Ltd.
  • Kelloggs Canada
  • Kodak Canada
  • Permatex Canada
  • Shred-Tech
  • Wentworth Mold and Die


  • Adelt Mechanical
  • Enbridge IBT
  • Sayers and Associates

System Integration

  • Abacus Computer
  • Digidyne
  • Info Pro Services
  • Nautalex Business Services
  • Reynolds + Reynolds


  • Etarco
  • JB Hunt
  • Mill Creek Motor Freight